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February 16th, 2011 - TallyFurs

About February 16th, 2011

Repost - Trying to get rid of my waterbed 11:02 pm
With some of the new additions to the list, I thought I would repost this

Please make me an offer (On craigslist I am asking 350 on Ebay I am asking 500)


Several folks have expressed an interest in our queen-size waterbed since we're replacing it with a mattress. The frame is about 30 years old, but very solid wood. The mattress is an 80% waveless and about 4 years old. As long as you keep it conditioned, a waterbed mattress will last a _very_ long time.

Includes the frame, head-board, mattress and padded rails (minus the lower right corner which the dogs chewed up a couple years ago. ;)

We can deliver it to you on our trailer if needed. First come, first serve! Brand new, this setup would run you over $2,000. Pics below.

Please contact Kovu or Kerne if you would like to make an offer.

-- Kovu

Click on any photo for a larger size

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